About us

We live in a fast-moving world in which with the help of modern technologies one can get access to any information he needs, in which mass media often presents not only the most beautiful and generous shades of our life, parents who are job-hunting abroad keep in touch with their children only through the modern technologies and quite often nobody takes care of those children. In Alytus district members of non- governmental organizations such as ‘baltų ainiai‘, ‘valančiukai‘, ‘ateitininkai‘, ‘jaunieji šauliai‘, ‘kazimieraičiai‘ and others, not getting proper financing but having altruistic and idealistic leaders, try to prevent and discourage the spread of usage of drugs, alcohol and other harmful substances among young people, they also try to develop life habits encouraging people to choose meaningful pastime and creative activities.

    At Alytus Panemunė secondary school, there has been a group of the organisation of ‘valančiukai‘ for 11 years. At first teacher Bronislava Tamulynienė was in charge of it. Later the supervision was overtaken by the young teacher of Religion, Reda Savulionienė.

    The situation has improved since 1993 when Alytus strong and active branch of Lithuanian abstinence organisation „Baltų ainiai“ set up in Alytus Panemunė secondary school. (Silvija Peštenienė,  the principal assistant, has been the president of „Baltų ainiai“, Alytus branch).The motto of this organization is written on its flag: „Only a sober nation can survive“.

    The members of both organisations, ‘baltų ainiai‘ and ‘valančiukai‘, work, trying to achieve common results: they carry out trainings „A friend to a friend“, a traditional contest  „I am for a healthy friend“, they have meetings –discussions with medical specialists, psychologists ,officials from the departament of children‘s rights, police officials and priests, they publish a stand „Dreams and Reality“ and informative leaflets, they discuss TV programmes  and create commercials themselves.

    We rapidly expand connections with the people who value soberness and for whom  soberness and helathy life style  are the most important . As priceless virtues we introduce Lithuanian traditions, culture, history and customs to young people from other countries and share the experience of our work.

    Each year we have some national and international projects with like- minded people from Czech Republic, Poland, Norway and Latvia. During these projects young people have a chance to communicate, to be involved into creative, educative and sport activities. Moreover, they try to find ways of resisting to negative social occurrences of our lifetime. One of the most successful projects was the project  „Open your eyes“ dedicated to parents and children and carried out in 2005-2006. During the project we  had discussions, drawing-in lectures, conversations with parents ( „Is drug addiction a disease or abuse?“,“ Bullying and how to prevent it“, „Virtues today and tomorrow‘‘, “Ways out to misbehaviour and conflicts, problems of children and young people, healthiness at school“), grandparents-parents-children`s gatherings, kindness actions, we also created and presented the performance „Open your eyes“ in English and Lithuanian languages and filmed the advertisement  „Let`s survive“.

    We have carried out two projects with our partners from Czeck Republic. We had the international conference „European school is a healthy school“ as well as the summer camp for the students from Lithuania and Czech Republic.

    Shortly after we are going to carry out the international project „Get to know me“ with our partners from Czech Republic. The other participants of this project will be Krompach Gymnasium from Slovakia, Andrychov lycee from Poland and Alvitas basic school from Vilkaviškis district in Lithuania. During the project with the help of art we are going to prove that life is a great virtue and one shouldn`t lose it taking drugs or doing irresponsible actions. Besides, we are going to encourage and give confidence to the addicts.